Privacy Policy

Nomadic Solutions Private Limited aka Nomadic is committed to maintain and protect your privacy. This policy aims to explain you what information we require, how it is protected, how we use it and with whom it is shared in order to provide you an effective and satisfactory service. By using our service, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Information Required by Us

We collect only limited personal information from you being our Distributor/Dealer/Sub-Dealer/Channel partners/Retailer that is necessary for us to provide you efficient and satisfactory service.

Personal information and data about the user collected by us are:

• At the time of registration: At the time of registration, we collect your Name, E-mail, Address and cell phone number other basic
information as provided by you.

At Nomadic, we assure to protect your information and will not be distributed to any third party unless you explicitly consent to sharing this information.

Use of Information collected

Nomadic uses the collected information to provide you the user friendly, efficient, smooth and satisfactory service. We further use this information, to respond to your suggestions, feedback, and disputes if any and enforce Terms and Conditions of Service agreement. The information provided by you is used for following purposes:

Email: We use the email address provided by you:

1. As a unique identifier or login id that helps us to identify your details for processing any information in relation with your account.
2. Contacting user in case of any account or payment related need
3. Participation in any promotional campaign or content organized by us
4. Processing request for subscription and/or un subscription for e-newsletter

Password: You are required to use password or security code with the provided login id to logon to our service in secured mode. As per Terms and Conditions of Service agreement, you are solely responsible to keep this password confidential and for all activities originated from the misuse of the password. Please change your password at regular intervals to maintain its confidentiality.



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