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Distributor Registration Charges


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

₹ 5,000/-

₹ 10,000/-

₹ 15,000/-

1.      Distributor / Sub-Distributor / Retailer Android / Java Mobile Application

2.      Website / Mobile Website

3.      Windows Application

4.      Address Book up to 200 Entries.

5.      Distributor Margin per 15 Days

6.      Block/Unblock Retailer

7.      Reports

1.     Level 1

2.     Common Margin Set by Distributor for Retailer

3.     Address Book up to 500 Entries

4.     Distributor’s Logo on Its Retailer’s Panel

5.     Web Site Theme Change

1.      Level 2

2.      Individual Retailer Margin Settings

3.      Unlimited Address Book

4.      Daily Margin Release

5.      Scheduled Retailer’s Refill

6.      Distributor’s Personal Notifications on Retailer’s Web Panel

7.      Postpaid & Bus Ticket Booking service charge setting panel.




Following are the features of our Distributor Panel


1.     Create unlimited retailers & sub distributor under your distributor account.

2.     Set flat margin for all mobile recharge for your retailers/agents under you.

3.     Set flat margin for all dth recharge for your retailers/agents under you.

4.     Set flat margin for all postpaid payments for your retailers/agents under you.

5.     Travel bus ticket booking service within India.

6.     Add balance to your retailers using your distributor account balance

7.     Change all retailers password unlimited times as you wish.

8.     Modify/delete retailers under you.

9.     View all transaction made by your retailers under your distributor account.

10.     You have to maintain only single balance with us via IMPS/NEFT/Cheque/DD. Your balance will be created within 2 hours.

11.     Instant margin credit to both distributor and retailers to their balance on every recharge.

12.     Fast recharge responses less than 5 seconds online and less than 20 seconds offline.

13.     No LAPPU based recharge, we use operator instant recharge api.

14.     • Your retailers can recharge from unlimited different mobile number, there is no restriction on using single mobile number.

15.     Instant free sms alert to your retailer when you create his/her account with welcome sms (white label)

16.     Instant free sms alert to your retailer when you add balance to his/her account with current balance and transaction details.

17.     Instant free sms alert for every recharge made by retailer/agent to them.

18.     Instant free sms alert when agent/retailer password changed.

19.     Instant free sms alert to both parties when balance transfer from one to another.

20.     Free Java and Android application for you and your retailers

21.     Free website, Mobile Website, Windows Desktop application (Low Internet Bandwidth) for all your retailers.


Super Distributor Structure


1.     Minimum Super Distributor Purchase ₹ 50,000/-

2.     Minimum Distributor Refill ₹ 10,000/-

3.     Minimum Retailer Refill ₹ 1,000/-

4.     Balance update time 9 AM to 8 PM (Monday to Saturday)

5.     Payment should be made through bank account only. (No cash Deposit)

6.     No existing distributor can be added in the channel of super distributor.

7.     No margin in Airtel prepaid Mobile, Postpaid Bill Payment & Landline Bill Payment.

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